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Biography of an Entrepreneur

If you have been following me throughout the years, you will not help notice the vast changes that I have made with the branding of my show.  Along with the new look, I have completed my book “Autobiography of an Entrepreneur”. Being an entrepreneur or small business owner is not something for which everyone is built. But if you do decide to embark on that road, I hope there are some things you can learn from my story that will better equip you for the journey.

Autobiography of an Entrepreneur is a candid look at some of the trials, tribulations, and successes I've had on my own business journey. From learning to hustle from my family to running my own side projects while I was still in school, to embarking on my first major business venture, to starting my own TV show, and finally landing in some serious legal trouble with a big company over a tiny word.

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Do you have any free time to spare to help a growing business entrepreneur?  Are you interested in volunteering and writing about up-and-coming entrepreneurs?  Would you like to volunteer to produce tv segments for online and broadcast tv? Want to volunteer to manage a social media campaign and grow your skills?  Please send an email to: with your interest. 

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Tia Reynolds is an accomplished businesswoman who works

to keep companies safe.

A Sip of Dedication

Myles Franklin is a man who passionately throws himself into any project he creates.

Living Better Than Ever

Kenya Conway-Jones is truly an inspiration for all of those who want to turn their lives around.


About Janice

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Janice McLean DeLoatch, entrepreneur, has always had to think on her feet. Known for her TV show, Entrepreneur’s Edge TV, and now her new weekly radio show every Wednesday, It's Janice!, on WOLB 1010 Talk Radio. Janice  has been an advocate and passionate about helping people understand that it is okay to be an entrepreneur and venture out to create your own businesses; although not easy.  As a small business advocate, Janice  is a knowledgeable and encouraging mentor to entrepreneurs around the world.

Janice started out on the journey of entrepreneurship teaching fashion modeling workshops, then event planning with talent shows called "City Search - 1988", to a business that sold pantyhose out of vending machines. Even though she moved on from fashion modeling workshops and event planning and the pantyhose vending machine business venture did eventually fail, Janice had the opportunity to showcase her business ideas in Entrepreneur’s StartUps Magazine. This magazine, owned by the Entrepreneur’s Magazine house brand, frequently reports on startups with potential.

Despite the temporary setback of her first business idea, like all good entrepreneurs,  Ms DeLoatch reconsidered her options and created an amazing television show. Her show taught her audience about various aspects of entrepreneurship while interviewing top entrepreneurs in various fields. Viewers found her advice very useful, and Janice was seen as not only a good entrepreneur, but also a good role model.

After being forced to re-brand her tv show because of Entrepreneur Magazine stealing her business identity, Janice re-branded to "It's Janice".

"It's Janice", is a half-hour weekly radio show, jam packed with useful, educational and informational tools to help entrepreneurs, mid-level and corporate businesses go beyond today.

The show is hosted by a bright, articulate, energetic and enthusiastic entrepreneur, turned tv host and producer who brings a background of entrepreneurship, politics, business, entertainment and television experience to the screen to educate, inspire, motivate and empower her viewers to create their own success with the helpful information being shared.

In addition to covering all aspects of business, viewers can also enjoy a variety of special segments that include, marketing, personal finance, wellness and personal appearances by Chef Marcus Myles Business Catering, Daymond John (FUBU, Shark Tank), the legendary Etta James (Blues Singer) and many other great entrepreneurs, business leaders, politicians, entertainers, sports  and civil rights figures.

The shows fast pace keeps viewers engaged and encourages them to become a part by submitting their story to be featured in future episodes.  The companion  website provides additional information, helpful links and details from previous episodes.

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