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New Look, New Book

If you have been following me throughout the years, you will not help notice the vast changes that I have made with the branding of my show.  Along with the new look, I have completed my book “Autobiography of an Entrepreneur”. Being an entrepreneur or small business owner is not something for which everyone is built. But if you do decide to embark on that road, I hope there are some things you can learn from my story that will better equip you for the journey.

Autobiography of an Entrepreneur is a candid look at some of the trials, tribulations, and successes I've had on my own business journey. From learning to hustle from my family to running my own side projects while I was still in school, to embarking on my first major business venture, to starting my own TV show, and finally landing in some serious legal trouble with a big company over a tiny word.

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Book of the Month
Moral Leadership for a Divided Age
by David P. Gushee & Colin Holtz

Janice Out & About

Baltimore Innovation Week!

Her World Expo - WOW!! Read more about the amazing day I had with these ladies. Check out my blog - click here!

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Entrepreneurship Grant Opportunity

The Tea Pad Scholarship

A cannabis industry networking group committed to social justice.

Application period August 8, 2019-October 31, 2019.

Make Your
Workspace Serene

Tia Reynolds is an accomplished businesswoman who works

to keep companies safe.

A Sip of Dedication

Myles Franklin is a man who passionately throws himself into any project he creates.

Living Better Than Ever

Kenya Conway-Jones is truly an inspiration for all of those who want to turn their lives around.

What's Happening?
The Workshop at Macy's
Are you an entrepreneur in the fashion space who needs funding and a break to get your clothing or product lines in the market?  This could be the opportunity for you

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1. Community resources everyone can use for their businesses - November 2019.

2. Gifts you want for your business - December 2019.

3. New Year - New View - Starting your business off right - What you need to succeed - January 2019.

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Jovan Walker

from PopSugar - 50 Ways to Feel Better About Yourself!
January 2020 - The Money Talk
We are going to talk about money for our personal and business lives with a special guest.
Be sure to stay tuned and check back often for the newest episodes!

Living Fabulously

On a Budget!