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“She learned the hard way and now she is helping others.”

Jovan Walker

Helping Hundreds Realize Their Opportunity

Jovan Walker is one of the women in this world who can comfortably wear so many hats. As an accomplished entrepreneur, military veteran, and financial coach, as well as her role as a dedicated spiritual woman and mother, Jovan Walker is an inspiration to all who meet her.

More incredible than Jovan Walker’s personal and professional achievements is her dedication to helping those around her. Jovan’s need to help others learn about personal investment and finances, the real estate market, and how to safely and properly invest money is what makes her an amazing entrepreneur. Most people who work in the business of creating business are only out to help themselves, but Jovan truly wants to help others whenever she can.

One way that Jovan has been able to help hundreds of people realize their opportunity for financial success is through the creation of her Safe Money Investors Alliance. This program, that is all for free to benefit Jovan’s friends and those who want to learn more about investing, promises to “build wealth using the safe buy and hold strategy of real estate investing to build cash flow, legacy wealth, and a secure retirement that can’t be taken away.” With such noble goals as that, Jovan Walker has helped hundreds improve their lives both by helping people become economically stable, and raising their confidence by showing them that through hard work they can accomplish their goals.

One of the many reasons Jovan Walker is so good at helping people smartly invest their money into the real estate market is because she learned how to invest the hard way. When Jovan was pregnant with her first child and working to support herself and her future, she saw most of her money disappear with the popping of the housing bubble. Luckily, she read about tax-free retirement and safe money concepts, and was able to totally rebuild her business. This time, it was done safely and with the long term in mind. Now, Jovan Walker is completely economically independent and does not rely on anyone, whether that person be a boss or a personal contact, to provide her with funds.

Jovan’s amazing success story is an inspiration for all who are interested in investing in real estate. By helping people learn about the tricky real estate market through her Safe Money Investors Alliance, Jovan Walker is spreading her amazing entrepreneurial spirit to everyone.

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