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“She pushes 

the boundaries

for you to  

surpass your


Kenya Conway-Jones

Living Better Than Ever

Kenya Conway-Jones is truly an inspiration for all of those who want to turn their lives around. Years ago, Kenya was experiencing waves of depression and anxiety due to her unfulfilling life. She was having romantic partner troubles, didn’t like her job, and constantly wondered about her purpose in life. Now, after hard work and the study of life success principles, Kenya Conway-Jones has everything in life that she once dreamed of and more.  Once Kenya applied these life principles she learned through her studying and application of ideas such as daily affirmations, she was able to find her dream career: helping others accomplish their own desires. With her life coaching sessions, and her Grow to Greater program, Kenya helps both people and businesses make a map of exactly how to get to their goals, and every step to do along the way.

The inspiration that Kenya Conway-Jones gives to others is what makes her such a unique and amazing entrepreneur. Unlike other business leaders, Kenya isn’t in her business for the money; she’s in it to help people. In her book, “Better Than Ever,” Kenya Conway-Jones describes her secrets to success, and shares tips with the readers on how to implement those secrets into their own lives.

Kenya is always pushing the boundaries of what she can do as a life coach, and as a mentor to others, by working harder to help improve other people's lives. Her coaching style isn’t a script that relies on vague advice and cloudy metaphors, but rather real advice tailored to each client she engages in conversation. Kenya takes her job seriously, and wants to help each person reach his or her individualized goals. She works with clients to help them release fear and go for it, make more money, makeover their mindset, create the life of their dreams and so much more. Knowing what it’s like herself to start with nothing, Kenya Conway-Jones helps clients take small manageable steps until they look back and wonder how they got so far.

Kenya Conway-Jones is an inspiration for all as both a professional and personal life role model. The way she completely turned her life around for the better, chasing her dreams and achieving them, is something that she strives to help anyone do. The selflessness and ability to encourage anyone to accomplish their goals is what makes Kenya an amazing entrepreneur, and an amazing person.

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