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Myles Franklin

A Sip of Dedication

“He has the ability to infuse the creative and artistic lifestyle into all aspects of his brand.”

Myles Franklin is a man who passionately throws himself into any project he creates. As a popular television producer, Myles worked with a variety of talent to create enduring video media, and now, as the founder of Julian Wines, Myles works to create an immensely popular wine label. This label, Julian Wines, has only been around for a few years but is quickly picking up steam in the market. Available in 18 different states, Julian Wines is becoming the wine label that all people want to try.

Due to his drive and dedication to wine, Myles Franklin has been able to create a wine label that he promises is “filled with subtle notes that paint a picture, tell a story, and dance on…taste buds; each varietal is a work of art.” All of his wines are made with the artistic lifestyle in mind, and each wine has a unique flavor and story. The 2010 Merlot, the 2014 Rose Wine, and the 2013 Sauvignon Blanc are popular bottles within the Julian Wines label, but there are also several other up and coming wines within the label. With a detail to artistry of not only the wine itself, but also its packaging, Julian Wine’s creates a full experience of affordable luxury with their wines.

What is amazing about Myles Franklin and his entrepreneurial career is his ability to infuse the creative and artistic lifestyle into all aspects of his brand. As a Miami Fashion Week Featured Pick, and the featured wine at several Washington D.C area restaurants such as Bourbon Steak and Cordial Fine Wine & Spirits, Myles Franklin knows how to bridge the artistic and business aspects of his brand together to create a pleasing product for everyone.

Next on the horizon for Myles Franklin is moving Julian Wines to the center stage by making it available in every state. The wines are currently doing well within their distribution areas, but more and more people are requesting the opportunity to enjoy Julian Wines nationwide. With his entrepreneurial passion and desire to bring a quality product to the national marketplace, Myles Franklin is sure to be an even larger success in the future. His commitment to the brand can be seen in every facet of Julian Wines from the packaging, to the marketing, to the wine itself with its variety of flavors and styles for anyone looking to experience some affordable luxury.

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