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Being an entrepreneur or small business owner is not something for which everyone is built. But if you do decide to embark on that road, I hope there are some things you can learn from my story that will better equip you for the journey. Autobiography of an Entrepreneur is a candid look at some of the trials, tribulations, and successes I've had on my own business journey. From learning to hustle from my family to running my own side projects while I was still in school, to embarking on my first major business venture, to starting my own TV show, and finally landing in some serious legal trouble with a big company over a tiny word. I talk about the mistakes I’ve made and how I eventually go through it and came out on top. I talk about how you can get the information and the support you need as a small business owner so that you don’t end up in a situation like mine – under the thumb of a large company that’s determined to squash you.

Autobiography of an Entrepreneur

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