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This video introduces the small business owner, entrepreneur, and consultant to key strategies to grow and sustain a business. Too often, entrepreneurs who start or acquire a business and professional consultants have tremendous expertise in their chosen endeavor but completely lack an awareness of what it takes to be a business success. Introducing the entrepreneur to the need to build a business financial plan, and to hire a team of experts--accountants, business planners, investment brokers, attorneys--shifts the burden to figure out where to start to the team that any entrepreneur must build. Rather than have to wade through texts offering advice book after book and not knowing who to believe, assembled here are experts in short video clips bringing entrepreneurs the essentials. The value of Entrepreneurs: 101--Tools for Success lies in the expert commentary and not in its production values. This CD will save new business entrepreneurs from a host of costly business mistakes that would certainly have derailed their business dreams. This is a must purchase (and an inexpensive one at that) to get your small business on track and keep it there.

The principle owner and founder of the Entrepreneurs Edge, Janice McLean DeLoatch, founded Entrepreneurs Edge because of the frustration she encountered as a small minority and female business owner to garner and pay for expert advice on a shoestring budget with few professional contacts to provide solid guidance. Ms DeLoatch is a good moderator, asking essential questions without imposing herself on the expert to ensure that she gets the best information that they can offer. Now a successful entrepreneur, web and television personality, Ms DeLoatch wants every individual with a dream of owning and operating a successful business to begin the journey armed with essential tools and expert advice. She has succeeded admirably.

Entrepreneur 101: Tools for Success V. 1